The WordPress theme market is large and diverse. Simmer Pro is specially developed to scale to a wide variety of these themes, and will usually adapt to any theme automatically.

If you're looking for a new theme rather than using an existing one, we've put together some tips to make your search easier.

How to choose a theme

Choosing the right theme is important because active WordPress themes with bad code can cause your site to crash, massive amounts of money to lost, and even major security breaches like hacking or data theft.

Luckily, most themes can be vetted and researched before you buy. Here are our suggestions for choosing a theme:

  • Choose a theme with social proof. Look for reviews from happy customers who you can verify bought or used the theme.
  • Find a theme maker that has a track record for consistent support and updates. Some themes go dormant after their first version which means you could miss out on important changes in the future if your theme is left un-updated. 
  • Choose a theme that adapts well to plugins. High-quality themes can usually easily scale to any theme without any or just a few modifications. Choose a theme that advertises one or multiple high-quality plugin integrations. These integrations usually mean other plugins will work well with the theme, too.  

Need support? Reach us through the chat bubble on our site or find your theme and add Simmer Pro to start food blogging in only a few clicks. 

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