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Additional common questions

Where can I see live examples of Simmer Pro on a site?
Check these examples for some inspiration for your own site.

Will Simmer Pro make my blog appear higher in search results like Google (SEO)?
One of the most important factors in determining your search results rank is the quality of your user experience and code also known as "UX." Websites and apps that are easier for real people to use achieve higher rankings in results. 

Are my Simmer Pro Recipes correctly formatted for Pinterest and Google recipe discovery?
Yes, Simmer Pro adds up-to-date formatting to recipes automatically for social platforms using structured recipe data and search engine crawlers like Pinterest or Google to feature recipe details directly in search results. Social recipe sharing correlates directly with traffic growth. 

Does this plugin include a collection of recipes I can use on my site?
No, Simmer does not provide content services for websites or blogs. We only sell the software portion of your recipe-based application. If you need a recipe developer, photographer, and content writer, support is happy to connect you with a creative solution that can provide these deliverables. 

Do I need to add Extensions to use my recipes?
No, Simmer extensions are completely optional and are not required to use Simmer Pro.

Does this plugin import or convert recipes from other recipe plugins?
Simmer does not provide converters due to the lack of structured data of important recipe details like amounts and measurements. This plugin uses a clean, minimal data format, meaning cluttered formatting is kept outside the structure. This allows a faster site and better customizability and consistency across all recipe layouts. 

We also recommend using the bulk add tool to copy and transfer blocks of ingredients and instructions individually to re-publish them with Simmer Pro. 

Can my visitors easily print recipes?
Yes, recipes can be printed from the recipe toolbox included in the top right of every recipe. This toolbox includes a print action by default, making offline reference to your content easy. You can also add recipe ratings or recipe saving to enhance the power of this toolbox. 

Will Simmer Pro work on
Yes, and a Business account is required to activate it.

Are automatic updates included with Simmer Pro?
Yes, automatic updates are enabled for sites with an active key. Keep your subscription active to keep getting updates. 

Where can I cancel my subscription?
Customers can cancel Simmer Pro Recipes or any extensions anytime directly from your Simmer account

For help getting the plugin up and running on your site before you do, please contact support. We are happy to login to your WordPress admin and help. Please also see: what happens to my recipes when I cancel my subscription?

What happens when my key expires?
If you decide not to renew, your recipes will continue working the same way until the plugin needs to be re-activated. However, you will not be able to automatically download and install plugin updates. By renewing your keys yearly, you can ensure your website has access to plugin updates when you need them.  

Will deactivating a site free up my activation limit?
Yes, and keys can be deactivated both from your WordPress admin and your Simmer account. Deactivating a site immediately frees the activation for another site. 

My question isn't answered here. Where can I get support?
We hope this FAQ helped. If you're having trouble finding an answer, first try a search at the top of this page using a few keywords. If you cannot find an answer via search, our dedicated support staff is happy and ready to answer your questions. Get in touch through the blue conversation icon on the bottom right of any page on this site, or send a message.



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