The Simmer Recipe Paywall extension is a powerful yet simple add-on to recipes. With a single plugin and basic setup, this extension transforms your recipe website or app into a fully monetized platform.

To setup this extension first read our quick start guide, then read the below advice for customizing your Paywall visuals or check the Paywall FAQ

Leaky Meter vs. Paywall setup

Control access to your recipes to increase subscriptions through a variety of popular content monetization methods. The first is a leaky meter style of system where visitors can view a metered maximum of recipes depending on the settings you configure your paywall to follow. 

To add further control while rewarding paying customers even more, choose a no preview or paywall style system. This setup allows you to control access to all your restricted content, allowing access to customers only depending on your configuration.

Additional Options and Customizations

Default Paywall Restrictions

By default, this extension will display your paywall over your default recipe index. To change or disable this option: 

  1. Login to your Piano admin
  2. Go to the Basics section
  3. Add your recipe library address relative to your domain (default is /recipe-library)

Paywall interface customization

There are few steps to change the overall look, style, or interface of your Paywall with this extension and your Piano admin. 

Customize Paywall through Piano admin

To change the HTML and dynamic output of your paywall curtain:

  1. Go to your Piano admin > Basics. 
  2. Go to the Advanced tab. Edit or change the code to test your new Paywall modifications.
  3. You can also customize parts of the wrapper for your Paywall through your active WordPress theme. 

For more help with either of these customization methods, please contact support.

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