For support & documentation for this extension, please visit the quick start guide.

Can I edit the text, style, or layout of the recipe paywall for this plugin? 

Yes, after setting up your account with this plugin, you can login to your Piano dashboard to customize the style, text, and functionality of your new Recipe Paywall. The Piano dashboard includes a cover image with logo in addition to all text for calls to action.

What is the best size for the cover image and logo (pictured above)?

The cover image requires a single .png at recommended size of 640x160 pixels. The logo requires a .png at 400x400 pixels.

Does Tinypass for Simmer create new user accounts on my WordPress website for every new subscriber or customer? 

No, Piano's platform is 100% independent of your WordPress website. This means payment processing and even the payment portal are delivered by Piano to your website. Customers' sensitive personal and financial information is never processed through your servers and remains managed by Piano only. Your WordPress admin will not add any new users,  and users will not login with the standard WordPress login to login beyond the paywall.

Do I need the Piano plugin for WordPress?

No, this extension only requires Simmer Pro Recipes and a Piano account.

Do I need a Piano account to use Simmer Paywall?

Yes. Signup is free and instant for new publishers at

Where can I find my Resource ID and Paywall ID

The Recipe Paywall connects your recipes to Piano through a unique Resource ID and Paywall ID assigned to your account and products. You can find these IDs after logging into your Piano Paywall admin. An example of the location for these IDs is included in the screenshot pictured here. They're located at the beginning of the page beneath the Publish updates and other management buttons.

For more information on how to customize or control your paywall, visit our documentation.

Can I change the code for the paywall?

Yes, using a few methods you can customize the paywall beyond the default design to meet more advanced needs for your brand, design, and layout. For more, read our documentation.

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