Upgrading from the free to premium versions of Simmer is a quick process that takes only ten minutes or less on average. 

To confirm how your recipes are saved before you upgrade, please follow these simple instructions. You will not lose any recipes during this process unless you have previously changed the default "Uninstall settings" before.

Upgrade instructions

  1. Go to Settings > Simmer > Advanced in your WordPress admin panel. Your recipe settings will be displayed. An example is included below. Navigate to "Uninstall Settings" at the bottom of the screen and confirm "Keep all data" is selected. Press save to save any changes to your settings.

Step 2: After saving, navigate to Plugins in your WordPress admin. Find the free Simmer plugin, and click Deactivate to remove it. After deactivation, click Delete to remove the plugin. You will see an alert that by deleting the plugin, you're deleting your plugin data too. However, this message is incorrect because this plugin overrides this action and instead keeps your recipes saved to your site or blog's database automatically.

3. After the plugin is deleted, please upload your copy of Simmer Pro with your activation key. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload to first upload the .zip  file, and then click Activate.

4. To finish up, add your Simmer Pro license key to turn on the plugin by navigating to Settings > Simmer Pro Key Activation in your WordPress admin. Your API key and email are located in your receipt and in your Simmer Account under API Keys. After successful activation, the Recipes menu will appear in your WordPress admin. Go to Recipes > Add New to add a new recipe, or start editing all of your existing recipes again automatically. 

That's it! Enjoy editing and creating recipes in the new Simmer Pro.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this upgrade process, we are happy to help. Contact us anytime with the address of your site and we'll help upgrade the plugin for you. 


Below is an example of successful key activation. 

Keys can be managed directly from your site or remotely from your Simmer Account. Deactivate API keys from your account to free them up for other sites. Press the Delete button next to a site to deactivate the plugin on that site. Your recipes will not be lost and will be saved in your database until the plugin is activated again.

For additional help articles about Simmer Pro, see the Simmer Pro section here. Thank you!

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