Simmer Pro uses manual nutrition output for better control over your data. Customers have told us that they prefer using manual nutrition entry vs. automatic because the latter can add incorrect data to recipes and percent daily values can also vary widely. 

This format easily allows you to add in dynamic code for featuring a single nutrient or group of nutrients for promotional purposes, too.

Simmer pulls the number you have entered for the chosen nutrient, and will output it anywhere instructed in your WordPress theme with some custom coding. This promotional nutrition info also tends to increase shares and click through rates among your visitors for other recipes elsewhere on your site, too. 

If you need help finding a developer for more advanced custom coding, contact support for our trusted suggestions for providers.

Nutrifox automatic nutrition calculation

One exceptionally reliable nutrition calculator service we trust is Nutrifox. 

Simmer Pro allows you to easily embed the calculated labels Nutrifox provides inside your recipe design. Nutrifox also allows you to overwrite its ingredient calculations with your own to ensure the best possible accuracy with its "Food Item" tool. 

Verywell automatic nutrition calculation

Simmer Pro is also compatible with the free 3rd party recipe nutrition calculator from verywell which will calculate nutrition according to their pre-defined set of guidelines and settings. 

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