Recipe export can be achieved in a few ways depending on what you want to do with your recipe data.

Move recipes to a new location with Simmer Pro

To move one instance of Simmer Pro to a new site, first copy your database and recipe media files from your /wp-content folder to the new instance where you want to replicate your recipes.

This solution is ideal for sites undergoing a redesign transformation, migration to new hosting, or other major changes.

The old WordPress export and import is not compatible with recipe ingredients and instructions, so you'll need to copy the database to make the switch complete.

Move recipes off of Simmer Pro

The table structure included in Simmer Pro makes exporting recipes to a plain text or new format possible. Each migration is unique, and requires a different approach to development.

Try the Limited version of Simmer before creating recipes to test if it meets your requirements and project.

For more information about how to migrate recipes, contact support.

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