Simmer Pro is designed to make powerful customizations to any part of your recipe layout or functionality. Anyone can edit the look and feel of recipes with Simmer Pro regardless of skill level.

For All Levels

In addition to the regular options included under Settings > Simmer, with a little bit of custom code you can make an unlimited number of customizations.

First, access the custom CSS settings for your active WordPress theme. These are a little different for every theme, but yours should probably be in this location: 

Step 1: In your WordPress dashboard, click "Customize" under the "Appearance" menu.
Step 2: Next, click on the "Additional CSS" section.
Step 3: Copy and paste CSS snippets found below or anywhere else found on the web. 

Here are some element classes and layout scenarios you can paste into your own site. You can also of course use any class or other element found in the layout. To do this quickly, just right click on any part of the recipe inside your browser, and then click Inspect. The class will be listed in the "class=" part of the code.

Remove the Pin It and Print Buttons

.simmer-recipe-tools { 
    display: none;

For Developers

Both custom themes and custom plugins can use the helper classes, hooks & filters and other tools built into Simmer Pro. You can build your own recipe extension, develop a theme with Simmer Pro support, or customize an existing site with a child theme. 

We suggest using the Inspector included in your browser's developer tools to grab the classes you'll need to apply front-end styling in your custom theme or plugin code.

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