The recipe connector for Simmer Pro allows WordPress website managers a world of flexibility in pairing posts with recipes and vice versa. This plugin is simple and fast, yet hugely customizable.

What does it do?

After activating this plugin recipe creators can attach multiple recipes to a single blog post to keep your recipe database clear and concise. Be amazed by the ease you find in repurposing content in continously new ways or to create bundled menus of recipes that are quick to navigate and select.

This plugin pairs perfectly for large dinner menus, multi-part recipes with many ingredients, or any recipe library and blog that needs to cohesively brand recipe content across their entire site. 


Your site must meet the following requirements to use this plugin.

Getting started and activation 

To start using this plugin:

  1. Buy the extension and install it on WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin and your key included in your order.
  3. Go to any WordPress post or page and find the “Connected Recipes” box. Click the select recipe drop down and choose the recipe to connect.
  4. Click Connect Recipe.
  5. Add additional recipes until all bundled recipes are included in the box.
  6. Click Update.
  7. Click View Post/Page and scroll to the bottom of your content to find the Get the Recipes: headline.
  8. Click on any featured recipe and scroll to the bottom of your recipe content to find a list with the headline Posts Featuring This Recipe.
  9. Connect as many posts and recipes in creative menus and pairings as you can imagine.

That’s it! Sit back and enjoy the new connections and connectivity between your content and recipes. Need more support? Our team is happy to help.


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