The Simmer Recipe Connector adds multiple recipes promoted at the end of your content. The tools added can be used to repurpose previous content in new ways or keep your collections clear and concise.

This plugin adds a simple and fast backend to your recipe editor and is compatible with the new Gutenberg content editor for WordPress. Every part is customizable on both frontend locations at the bottom of single recipes by default followed by a headline and list. Both the order and headline of each part of the Recipe Connector can be changed from your active theme's functions.php file.

An example of the Recipe Connector panel in the new WordPress content editor.

How it works

Every part of this plugin is customizable, so you can control what parts are displayed and which are hidden.

Both of the recipe frontends created by this plugin can be customized. Use the Customizer to add Custom CSS if you’d like to try more advanced options.

Recipes linked from the content editor will also create reciprocal and dynamic links back from the recipe to the post or page where it was mentioned.


Your site must meet the following requirements to use this plugin.

How to use the Recipe Connector

This plugin uses Simmer Pro Recipes, so make sure you have purchased and activated it first.

  1. Buy the extension from our secure online store.
  2. Download and install the .zip file to your WordPress admin under Plugins > Add New.
  3. Activate the plugin and activate your license key.
  4. Go to any post or page in the new or traditional WordPress content editor and scroll down to Connected Recipes. Select published recipes from the drop down menu and click the Add New button to group them to your post or page. Select a new recipe from the dropdown to add more than one recipe.

Connected recipes are displayed under the Get the Recipes headline on posts or pages, and the Posts Featuring this Recipe headline on single recipes.

We hope you enjoy your connected recipes as much as we enjoyed creating this plugin to save you time and grow your site or blog's traffic. Have questions or feedback for us? Check or contact our team for support anytime.

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