The Simmer Recipe Paywall is powerful extension available for Simmer Pro owners who want to generate subscription or other paywall revenue with recipes.

This plugin is especially helpful for websites that need new forms of revenue for their business beyond display advertising and standard blogging. 


  • Simmer Pro Recipes activated
  • WordPress 3.8+ 
  • Recommended: PHP 7.1+
  • Free publisher account with instant setup

What's included

Tinypass for Simmer is an extension that allows WordPress websites to connect the power of micro e-commerce to monetize your food, drink, or recipe content instantly with Simmer. Tinypass provides a variety of payment options, including “leaky meter,” “paywall,” and other types of innovative micro-pricing options for content on a per-item or subscription basis. The options are endless.

One BWD Tech CoinWhen purchasing Tinypass for Simmer on this website, you’ll also receive one additional Tech Coin to your Simmer account, bundled with your order.

For individual support, contact our dedicated staff who will be happy to help.

Note: Tinypass and Piano are interchangeable names for the same system.


An example recipe paywall setup for monthly access at $5.


Does Tinypass for Simmer create new user accounts in my WordPress website for every new subscriber or customer? 

No,’s system is completely based on a 3rd party login window to Tinypass. This is where your readers’ financial information is processed, and it is kept completely off of your website. This means no new accounts are created by default with these plugins.

Do I need the Tinypass plugin for WordPress in order for Simmer’s Tinypass extension to work? 

No. Just install Tinypass for Simmer, and monetize your recipes!

Do I need a Tinypass account to use Tinypass for Simmer? 

Yes. Signup for a publisher’s account over at Piano.

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