We've combined a list of the most common questions asked by new and current Simmer Pro site owners. For further assistance, please browse our other documentation or contact support.

I just purchased Simmer Pro and am unable to save ingredients or instructions. How can I fix this error?
Some new sites experience this issue. Please contact support so we can add a quick fix to repair any issues with saving new recipes with ingredients and instructions. Please include the login details for a temporary WordPress admin account with the username simmer and the email set to [email protected] . We'll fix this issue for you and will confirm when you can save new recipes. Thank you!

Can I add recipes to my food blog posts?
Yes, this button can be added to any WordPress content. With a single tap visitors can get to the immediate recipe details immediately. This functionality has a positive effect on UX, social sharing, and SEO. See a quick demo of an embedded recipe in a food blog example here

Can I edit recipe links?
Yes, recipe authors can edit individual recipe keywords of individual recipes. In addition, the recipe library base permalink structure can also be customized.  

Where can I see examples of recipes with this plugin?
Thanks to the control WordPress themes can add to any website, every Simmer Recipe website is absolutely unique. Reference these live examples made with Simmer Pro
for your own inspiration.

Does this plugin include a collection of recipes I can use on my site?
No, Simmer does not provide content services for websites or blogs. We only sell the software portion of your recipe-based application. If you need a recipe developer, photographer, and content writer, support is happy to connect you with a creative solution that can provide these deliverables. 

Are my Simmer Pro Recipes correctly formatted for Pinterest and Google recipe discovery?
Yes, Simmer Pro adds up-to-date formatting to recipes automatically for social platforms using structured recipe data and search engine crawlers like Pinterest or Google to feature recipe details directly in search results. Social recipe sharing correlates directly with traffic growth. 

Will Simmer Pro make my blog appear higher in search results like Google (SEO)?
One of the most important factors in determining your search results rank is the quality of your user experience and code also known as "UX." Websites and apps that are easier for real people to use achieve higher rankings in results.

Do I need a developer to setup this plugin?
No, this is the easiest recipe plugin for beginners and professionals alike using WordPress as a platform. This plugin is built for all levels, including anyone starting for the first time. From installing to creating and sharing your first recipe or library, this plugin doesn't require technical skills beyond uploading a plugin in WordPress.  

Does this plugin import recipes from other recipe plugins?
Simmer does not provide converters due to the lack of structured data of important recipe details like amount and measurements. This plugin uses a clean, minimal data format, meaning no HTML or other cluttered formatting is added to recipes. This allows easier professional development of recipes into software like iOS or Android apps later. Instead, we recommend using the bulk add tool for ingredients and instructions and importing your recipes individually as you re-publish them with Simmer Pro.  

Is this plugin optimized for readability with screen readers and other accessibility standards?
Yes, from its foundation Simmer Pro is a recipe plugin that is built with the highest standards in accessibility. Your site can apply these same methods to reach the widest possible customer audience as well.  

Are non-English or multilingual sites supported?
Yes, recipes on the front and back-ends are translated into more than 180 languages. This plugin also works with WPML, a popular standard in web applications using WordPress for multiple language translations. For more information reference this help article.  

Are recipe addresses customizable?
Yes, you can use any name including emojis in recipe URLs. The Settings > Simmer admin also allows optional customization of your recipe address structure.  

How can I customize recipe templates?
Simmer Pro offers two ways to customize the functionality and style of recipes from the ground up. The first is the hook and action filter system bundled into the core of your recipe template files. Code snippets can be added to your active WordPress theme's functions.php file to modify recipe front-ends. You can also completely override these files when you drop in a copy of recipe-shortcode.php  and recipe.php  to your active WordPress theme.  

Can my visitors easily print recipes?
Yes, recipes can be printed from the recipe toolbox included in the top right of every recipe. This toolbox includes a print action by default, making offline reference to your content easy. You can also add recipe ratings or recipe saving to enhance the power of this toolbox. 

Does this plugin integrate with any WordPress theme?
Yes. Simply activate the plugin and test it with your preferred theme. If you find any part where you'd like to add customizations, developers can use the helpful classes built-into each part of recipe front-ends for complete control.   

Will Simmer Pro work on WordPress.com?
Yes, and a Business plan is required to upload and customize this plugin. Editing and creating recipes from the WordPress admin instead of the standard WordPress.com editor allows WordPress.com site owners to control all parts of this plugin.  

Can I make a mobile or other app with this plugin?
Yes, there are limitless options for taking this plugin a step further. If you have questions, get in touch. Simmer Pro extensions make a lot of these enhancements for your recipes simple and effective. 

My question isn't answered here. Where can I get support?
Our dedicated support staff is ready to answer your questions. Get in touch through the blue conversation icon on the bottom right of any page on this site, or send a message

Can I make money with recipes using this plugin?
Simmer Pro Recipes are customized through an optional set of extensions. To add-on monetization to your recipes, get the Simmer Recipe Paywall extension. This is a powerful plugin that adds content eCommerce done-for-you, with a combined payment processor and portal system automated by Piano. Setup a new eCommerce business for your recipes instantly without the trouble of complicated 3rd party services. Earn money from your original creations with a paywall. Follow these helpful instructions for more info.  

Can I include links, sub-headings, and images or video in my recipes?
Yes, any type of media, links, or video can be embedded into recipes. User recipes to add links to affiliate purchases, or other revenue or business strategies. Simmer Pro also features a unique interface that allows you to shuffle and remix recipe ingredients, instructions, and sub-headings quickly. 

What is a WordPress plugin?
Plugins are helpful add-ons—like mini programs—that make your website even better. WordPress plugins are made for the WordPress software system. 

How do I get Simmer Pro for my website?
First choose the number of sites you'll need. Next, click Buy Now on your selected Simmer Pro package. You can then follow this simple quickstart guide to immediately begin with your recipes. 

Is buying a Simmer plugin or Simmer Pro extension a one-time charge?
When purchasing a Simmer product, you are purchasing a subscription for an activation and license key. All keys are bundled with updates and support, and renew annually.  

How many websites are included?
Each plan offers a license for 1 or up to 5 sites. These keys are bundled in simple subscription choices that unlock activation of the plugin, support, and future updates. If you need an extra key for development on a local computer or development domain that matches your main site, contact support.  

Are automatic updates included with Simmer Pro?
Yes, automatic updates are enabled for sites with an active key. Keep your subscription active to keep getting updates. 

How does my key work?
Your key connects your site to our update servers for this plugin in addition to redeeming support. Your key renews annually and is required to get updates for upcoming releases of the plugin.  

Where can I cancel my subscription?
Customers can cancel Simmer Pro Recipes or any extensions anytime directly from your Simmer account. For help to get your site running beautifully, contact support. We are happy to login to your WordPress admin and help.  

What happens to my recipes when I cancel my subscription?

What happens when my key expires?
If you decide not to renew, your recipes will continue working the same way until the plugin needs to be re-activated. However, you will not be able to automatically download and install plugin updates. By renewing your keys yearly, you can ensure your website has access to plugin updates when you need them.  

Can I share my key with clients or on client sites?
Yes. When contacting support, please provide your key and the connected billing email. However, we always recommend your client purchase keys separately. Resale or redistribution of any type is not permitted.  

Will deactivating a site free up my activation limit?
Yes, and keys can be deactivated both from your WordPress admin and your Simmer account. Deactivating a site immediately frees the activation for another site. 

Are Simmer Pro keys ready for local development?
Yes, keys can be activated on local or remote development sites. For a license key activation on non-production environment, license holders can contact support

Can I use Simmer extensions with my recipes?
Optionally add Simmer extensions to Simmer Pro to take your recipes to the next level. Browse the available extensions, or contact us to develop a custom solution. Extensions are only compatible with the Simmer Pro Recipes plugin.


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