To install Simmer Pro, first deactivate and uninstall Simmer Limited. Your recipes are never deleted by default. To save your settings if they are not already included in the Settings for Simmer, edit your default options under the Advanced tab: 

The above Uninstall Settings show us that when the old version of Simmer is deleted and replaced with Simmer Pro, your recipe data will automatically be saved and converted into the new plugin. 

To add an additional layer of security, it's important to always backup your entire WordPress database and all files before any changes including plugin activations. 

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Step one: remove the Simmer Limited plugin

To remove the free plugin from you website, navigate to Settings > Simmer. Under the Advanced tab, make sure the uninstall option to save all recipe data is selected. 

After confirming a backup of your recipes are saved first deactivate then delete the previous version of Simmer from the Plugins section of your WordPress admin. IMPORTANT: Your recipes are never deleted by default. All recipes upgraded from Simmer Limited to Simmer Pro will be automatically converted without any changes. 

Step two: upgrade your existing recipes to Simmer Pro

After successfully deleting the plugin and saving your recipes, you can activate Simmer Pro. Your recipes will be automatically converted from a previous version to Simmer Pro 2.0.

  1. At the top of the Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard, selection Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Browse and choose the original .zip  file included in your purchase. Then select Install Now.
  2. Activate the plugin, then input and activate your Simmer key and billing email. See a detailed illustration of license key activation here.
  3. That’s it! Your recipes will automatically re-appear in their original location under Recipes in your WordPress dashboard.

Read the rest of our simple setup guide to get more tips on adding recipe content with this plugin for new Simmer Pro websites. 

Need help with this process? One of our developers can do this upgrade process for you so you don't have to login to WordPress as an admin. For assistance contact support

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